Gary Gebler - Owner

Married to Susan Richardson. Has one son - Jacob Gebler, one step son - Will and one step daughter - Julianna * Working in the retail music world since 1974: district manager for Sam Goody, Vice President of Record and Tape Traders in Towson, MD * Opened Trax on Wax in 2009 to get back to what made me get into the business in the first place ... talking to cool people about cool music ..... opening the store was going against every trend conceivable .... economic, digital, political... * Won numerous industry awards: Retailer of the Year 1996-2006 and Billboard Magazine award * Has helped launch the careers of many of today's performers * Trax on Wax is Baltimore's only "true" record store .... no games, no dvd's, no cd's ..... just Vinyl and Vinyl related products!

Jeff Ball

My love for music and records started at around age 8. I hung out in record stores as a kid Ö a lot. I began working in them in 1986. Spent 20+ years at Record & Tape Traders, managing many of their stores. Also had a stint with Waxie Maxie's. When I started, it was all vinyl and tapes. Then the CD era hit and sadly the vinyl disappeared. You can say Iíve come full circle with vinyl returning to the core of music sales. Long live vinyl & rock on! Favorite music: Rock n Roll (of course) Favorite group: Beatles (of course) Favorite artist: Jimi Hendrix My taste is all over the map, but to name a few - Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks, Animals, Small Faces, Pretty Things, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Badfinger, Raspberries, Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Roxy, Mott, Queen, Free, T Rex, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, NY Dolls, MC5, Sex Pistols, Clash, Jam, Stooges and so on.

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